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The Bar Needs Company

In 1976 our founder, Gerald Ferachi (Big G), recognized the need to supply bar and nightclub owners with supplies that were unique to their industry and established The B.A.R. Needs Company.  “B.A.R.” was an acronym for “Bar and Restaurant”.   Over the years the business expanded from bar and restaurant supplies into other industries and began to operate as The BNC Group.  As frozen cocktails began to evolve Big G quickly realized the industry was lacking a premium cocktail mix and set out to create one.  Using fresh fruit ingredients, he created the BAR NEEDS Cocktail Mix line.  The quality and consistency of the BAR NEEDS mixes quickly put us center stage in the evolution of a new concept in the industry, the “Daiquiri Shop.”  Since that time, even the “bigger” companies have tried to follow our lead.  As they say “often copied, never duplicated”.  Give our products a try and you will see why!!

Daiquiris Shop Operators

With over 40 years of experience in the Daiquiri and Cocktail Mix business, The BNC Group has a lot more to offer you than just premium products and supplies.  We have been involved in hundreds of locations and, with our strategic partnerships, can help with everything from the design and layout, equipment, recipes, and even graphic design of logo, signage, and menus. Here at The BNC Group, we understand that your success determines our success.  Quality is what sets our products apart, and knowledge is what sets our company apart. Whether you are starting a project from the ground up, wanting to update your current location, or just want to expand your current offerings, contact us, we can help you from A to Z or anywhere in between……. “concept to consumer”.

Bar & Restaurant Supplies

Our roots have always been catering to the needs of the nightclub and bar industry.  We understand the unique schedules and time frames that this industry works within.  The BNC Group can help you make the best use of your time with punctual and complete deliveries, ease of ordering, and by being a one-stop-shop for all your supplies….. “everything….but the liquor”.
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